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Tell us about Revere Sugar. B&M had (has) some online customers
who are pretty unusual. New England Milling in Ayer shipped flour
to Prince Spaghetti in Lowell -- about 10 miles!
I've never understood
the economics of this but it continues to this day (even though Prince
changed hands.)
I suppose a splendid way to store inventory without paying a trucker overtime spent waiting for his truck to be loaded and unloaded.

By the way, in 1947, the average haul for Anthracite to Breakers or Washeries nationally was eight miles. In 1947, there was 25,647,594 tons (407,203 carloads) hauled. 11,047,500 of those 25.6 million tons was hauled by the RDG - a major reason why the RDG was the fourth largest RR in the US in tons of cars hauled. They were, however, not the fourth largest in terms of revenue ton miles.

Did those Revere cars go offline?
Don't know.

Tim Gilbert

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