Re: Another B-50-25 question

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Richard. Heaven only knows what BAGAC looked like!

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From: Richard Hendrickson <>
On Mar 7, 2006, at 6:11 PM, wrote:

Does anyone know if the UP B-50-25's were wood lined like
a regular box car or did they have some other lining (like a
smooth wall)? I was just thinking when I get around to
painting my brass car, since it has opening doors, I'll need
an interior...
Tim, the UP diagram for the B-50-25 class shows side and end linings of
25/32" fir as well as 5/16" plywood roof ceiling. In addition,
flooring at the doors is shown as "BAGAC," which I assume is an
abbreviation or trade name for some type of steel flooring.

Richard Hendrickson

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