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Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks, Richard. So, I'm down to buying a couple of Shells and/or SHPX.

Has IM done the gons with steel sides instead of wood? I'd like to see the C&NW and/or the W&LE


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What is the accuracy quotient (or lack thereof) for these
models, due
out this fall?

Both 8000 and 10000 gal cars there . . .
The SHPX, CGTX and Shell Chemical 8K gal. cars are okay
(though I didn't check to make sure that IM's car numbers are
accurate). The Globe car existed, if at all, only for a very
short time, as Globe disappeared in the petroleum industry
mergers/buyouts/bankruptcies that took place during the depression.

Among the 10K gal. cars, the WRNX Gulf models are okay for
the '60s (but not earlier), Pan-Am Oils (like Globe)
disappeared in the 1930s, the Belcher models are bogus
(Belcher's small fleet were all 10K gal.
Type 21s as correctly modeled by Life-Like), and - as Tony
Thompson has already pointed out - the Southern Pacific cars
are totally bogus as well.

Correct for the road names offered?
Almost all of these USRA gondolas were either extensively
rebuilt or retired before/during WW II. The MC model has
'20s lettering; all of these cars were rebuilt by the NYC
with steel bodies during the '30s.
Most of the C&NW and MP cars were rebuilt in the '30s with
Dreadnaught ends and other betterments. The C&O cars,
ex-Hocking Valley, were rebuilt in the '30s with steel sides
and Dreadnaught ends, likewise the W&LE cars and the NC&StL
cars (rebuilt in 1939/'40). The Southern cars were gone from
the roster by the end of WW II, if not earlier. Only the KCS
cars survived in more or less original form until after WW
II, and by 1953 most of them had their wood side sheathing
and floors replaced with steel.

In short, not a lot of good news for prototype modelers here.

Richard Hendrickson

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