NYC 859430 Two Bay Open Hopper circa 1941



In the November/December 2001 issue of "The
Railroad Press" (TRP), there is a short article with
pictures entitled "Indiana Railroad Remembered". The
article has two pictures, dated July 1941, of a short
freight (four open hoppers) pulled by a freight motor near
Terre Haute, Indiana. My question concerns the two bay open
hopper immediately behind the freight motor. I read the car
number as NYC 859430. To my eye, the hopper in question
appears to be an USRA hopper rebuilt with panel sides,
similar to the panel sides once offered (still?) by
Gould/Tichy Train. Although the hopper appears to have the
NYC system oval logo, the angle is such I can't read the car
lot number.

Can anyone offer any information about this car ? Am I
correct about this car ?

Thank you in advance

Mike Carson

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