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Gregg,It is my understanding that it is transfered to as many as five different RRs before it reaches its final destination.How can each road make any profit from such a short haul?Armand Premo

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We have enough coal to last well more than 50 years, more like several
hundred at current consumption rates.

As to South African coal being burned in Florida, it all comes down to the
delivered price per BTU. It costs less to move coal in Russian ships from
South Africa to Florida than it costs to move it from US Mines to Florida by
barge-ship and or unit trains. On PRB coal, the cheapest transportation
might be unit train to the Mississippi, barge to New Orleans thence ship,
but transferring the coal between modes costs a couple of dollars a ton each
time it is done.

There are fewer transfers all the way from South Africa.

Gregg Mahlkov
Florida's Forgotten Coast

Armand Premo asked:

If coal is king, why are we importing it from South Africa and in
Russian ships no less?I thought we had enough coal to last fifty

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