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Tony Thompson notes:

Read the new Trains magazine. Of course, not everyone can read a
magazine published decades into the future <g>.
Quite true. I seriously doubt that diesels will continue to be in favor...say, past 1965. We know that UP has been using turbines successfully although it is my opinion that such machines are only economical because of their ability to burn "used oil". Bunker "C" or some sort of thing. Besides, the damned things are too loud. UP has stored its modern steam engines as I write this, but I am certain that with the high cost of new diesels, surely enlightened UP mgt will put them back to work in the 60's. Of course, one can never tell. People come and go and new UP mgt might not be so enlightened. Heck, they might even consider merging with the SP again. Yeah...I know. Why do that when everything SP moves into the midwest has to go on UP tracks? Besides, UP has enough trouble with Califorians down in the LA area. Next thing we hear...UP will try to buy the WP to get into the Feather River Canyon. That's about as possible as...well...Norfolk & Western buying...say, the NKP or Wabash. Or...laughter ensues...the Pennsy joining with the NYC.'s not good to speculate about the future.

Mike Brock

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