Re: Quesions about a depressed center flat car



Yup, the standards for freight car drawings have
come a long way since 1971 (especially since the depressed
center flat article was probably originally published in MR
earlier). By coincidence, there are plans for a Conrail 43
foot four axle depressed center flat car in the February
2002 issue of Mainline Modeler. The load limit for the
Conrail flat is 198300 lbs. with a light weight of 64700

I presume the data shown on the car drawing in Kalmbach book
are notational (to be kind).


Mike Carson

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: As an excuse for trying out my new bandsaw, I started
: the depressed center flat car which is described in an
: Kalmbach book entitled "Easy-to-Build Model Railroad
Freight Cars" and
: sub-titled "24 Dollar Car Projects from the pages of Model
: Railroader". (This book is (C) 1971, a mere 30 years old
as I'm sure
: I bought it soon after it hit the market).
: Anyway, there's what purports to be a prototype "sketch"
(I'd hate to
: call it a drawing) with the markings "TPRX" giving it's
capacities as
: CAPY 190000
: LdLmt. 195800
: Lt. Wt 55200
: new 12-47
: and showing a car with two two-axle trucks.
: I have two questions:
: 1. What might have been the prototype for this model,
if any?
: 2. Where on a depressed-center flat car is the brake
gear located?
: I'd appreciate any information on this car -- or anything
like it.
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