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Garth G. Groff <ggg9y@...>


There should be two sets of AB brakes on this car, one on each end. The rodding couldn't be bent around
the depressed part of the frame. This means there should also be two brake stands. It is possible that
some cars of this type had truck-mounted brake cylinders due to the tight space around the bolsters, but
I can't swear to that.

At least Athearn got this part right on their 4-truck flat car. It has brake wheels at each end.

I don't know about TPRX, but if this is a real reporting mark, it will be in the ORER. The articles in
the Kalmbach book largely date from the early 1950s, so that is the approximate era to check.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Norm Dresner wrote:

As an excuse for trying out my new bandsaw, I started scratchbuilding
the depressed center flat car which is described in an ancient
Kalmbach book entitled "Easy-to-Build Model Railroad Freight Cars" and
sub-titled "24 Dollar Car Projects from the pages of Model
Railroader". (This book is (C) 1971, a mere 30 years old as I'm sure
I bought it soon after it hit the market).

Anyway, there's what purports to be a prototype "sketch" (I'd hate to
call it a drawing) with the markings "TPRX" giving it's capacities as
CAPY 190000
LdLmt. 195800
Lt. Wt 55200
new 12-47

and showing a car with two two-axle trucks.

I have two questions:
1. What might have been the prototype for this model, if any?
2. Where on a depressed-center flat car is the brake gear located?

I'd appreciate any information on this car -- or anything like it.

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