Re: Sunshine Square Corner Boxcar for IC, Soo and DSSA mini-kit question

Jim and Lisa Hayes <jimandlisa97225@...>

I have the mini-kit and I used Intermountain 40898 Undec 10'6" IH AAR
boxcar. This number isn't listed on IM's website but 40899 is. 40899 is just
a different color, gray instead of red.

Ordering direct from IM is easy. Just call (800)472-2530 and have your
credit card handy. They ship quickly with no shipping charge. At the same
time you can order some of those parts you've always wanted. Just describe
them as to what part from what kit and they will send you the complete
sprue. $1 per sprue if I remember right.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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