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Allen Rueter <allen@...>

AAR mechanical & type codes, must of been insufficient or to detailed
for the railroads to use at some level, for them to spend the money, go to
the trouble of making their own codes for tonnage and/or size.
They would of only done this to save them selves money, or customer demand.

I don't know Harriman code groups (third part) at all, do they convey
any type of size? or is it more random, ie assigned the next number
as that series was built.

It seems the ATSF had a car code system, besides Tim eluding to the
NW's system, did others have there own?

On Sat, Mar 11, 2006 at 04:34:21PM -0600, Allen Rueter wrote:
I didn't know what Harriman codes were, I do now, I have seen
them frequently with out knowing they had a name. To keep this in the steam
era, Are GST (General Superintendent of Transportation) codes relevant
before 1960?
What other freight car code systems are there (besides AAR/ORER codes),
did most railroads have some code of their own?
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