Re: DL&W 40' 1937 AAR boxcars 51400-51749

Schuyler Larrabee

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Subject: [STMFC] DL&W 40' 1937 AAR boxcars 51400-51749

I am building a model of one of the above cars. The only
photo I have is a small one from an Ed Hawkins article in the
July 1991 RMJ. I was wondering what trucks were installed
under this series?
Hi Brian,

The EL diagram book I have shows this series as having "Symington Gould TF-5227 & 5281R" sideframes.
Bolster's a Symington Gould Pattern BO-5343. CRECO brake beams, and 5.5" x 10" journals. Cars BLT
Dec 1944 - Jan 1945. Capy 3712. Load Lmt 123200. Lt Wt 45800. Westinghouse Brake Gear. Equipco
or Ajax brake gear. Roof: SREMCO. DWG-7R-2504-C.

Hope this helps. Bring it to Cleveland in the fall.


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