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Jerry Dziedzic

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When I was a kid my Dad hauled concrete culverts out of Iowa Concrete
Products in Hampton, Iowa. Some Sundays I'd help him put in a
rebuilt engine in one of the lift trucks. Their spur either was or
was immediately adjacent to the connection between the M&StL and the
CGW on the north edge of Hampton. Their "silo" for storing concrete
was the covered hopper car.

Gene Green
I'm much more comfortable with the cement mill side of the business
than ready mix. But I agree with Gene. The silos seen in many ready
mix plants stored aggregate (typically, gravel) and sand. The cement
was unloaded through the bottom outlet gates of the car, usually
discharging into a bin below the track (between the gauge). A screw
conveyor would be sufficient to move the cement from the bin to the
mixer to be blended with other ingredients: for concrete, aggregate and
sand; for "cement", as to lay up brick or concrete block, with sand.

Schuyler, if you have your ears on, don't be bashful about correcting
this info.

Jerry Dziedzic
Pattenburg, NJ

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