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I did not see any at Timonium either. I picked up a half dozen
undecorated P2K insulated cars from Sattler's in Westmont NJ, but they
were ones that I had ordered in advance. When I picked them up, the
owner advised that he had the decorated cars on order, but had not
gotten any as yet.

Tom Olsen
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I didn't see any P2K insulated tank cars at Springfield, and there
were none on display at the Walthers booth.. The Athearn gondolas
have been out for a while, and many dealers at Springfield (Amherst
club show) had the PS2 2893 covered hoppers. They are excellent.
The Walthers 2893 looks poor compared to the Athearn. The running
board is especially bad.

Tim O'Connor

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P2K Insulated Tank Cars
Athearn Mill Gon
Athearn Covered Hopper
Did anyone see these at the show? Were these seen at the Amhearst
Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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