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Shouldn't the dates shown below be 1938 rather than 1838?

Pat Wider

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For the benefit of a poster on another list:
"Today I was in my local hobby shop and was looking at the Walthers
Platinum Line HO ATSF wood cabooses. They look pretty good. I noticed
that the roof is the same brown as the rest of the caboose.

Can anyone let me know when they started painting/coating them black?
To cite the Painting and Lettering Guide which I compiled for the Santa
Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society in 1990, an anti-slip matt
black finish was applied to way car roofs (including cupola roofs) ca.
1930 - ca. 1945 , but not on all cars. Photographic evidence is clear
that many way cars had black roofs, but that some did not. And, of
course, since most of the photographic evidence was B/W, it's often
hard to tell whether the roofs were the same color as the car body or

What would the correct lens color combinations be for the marker
lights as per ATSF practice?
Red to the rear, amber to the sides and front.

What is the time frame for ATSF vs. AT&SF reporting marks on the
A.T.& S.F. before 1838; A.T.S.F. 1838-'44; A T S F after 1944.

Richard Hendrickson

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