Re: Harriman Codes -Some Other RR's Systems

Patrick Wider <pwider@...>

As Doug Brown previously pointed out the designations listed below should be BX, FE, and
RR with the second letter smaller than the first. The designations as shown are incorrect.

Pat Wider

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Santa Fe applied Bx, Fe, and Rr to box cars, depending on the design
and service of the car.
That's not true, because house cars with wider than normal doors have
always been considered to be different from boxcars; the AAR persisted
in calling them automobile cars for years, whether they carried
automobiles or not, and carriage or furniture cars before that. Fe is
Santa Fe's class designation for Furniture. Likewise, AAR designation
RBL cars have always been considered refrigerator cars, Santa Fe class
designation Rr. In addition, when first developed, hoppers were
"hopper bottom gondolas", so it is perfectly logical for Chico to keep
classifying hoppers as Ga.

Dennis Storzek

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