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Even when you use HTML to make the second letter smaller, it comes through
to the group as BX, FE AND RR. Pennsy fans have the same problem with
subclass characters. What good is rivet counting if the lettering is not
correct? <G>

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Talk about hypercritical nitpicking! Someone wrote that the
Santa Fe used "Bx" for box cars (note the small X Pat, I put
that in just for you) and I simply said they also used Fe and
Rr (Oops did it again gosh I'm so sorry Pat) for cars. You can
ALWAYS find SOMEONE who called them something else. Was
the UP wrong because they DIDN'T use a reefer designation
for insulated "bunkerless refrigerator" cars? Why did some
railroads use XMI rather than RBL? Who knows? Who cares?
I sure don't. But if someone were trying to model the Santa
Fe and ran across an Rr-whatever they might go off looking
for a photo of an ice or mechanical reefer, not knowing that
the Santa Fe considered insulated box cars to be "reefers".
That was the only point, and it's perfectly correct as such.
Some people have their "terminology political correctness"
antennas set on ultra-high. And Pat, if you'll show me how
to type a large and a small capital letter using the ASCII
alphabet, with Eudora, and without wasting a lot of time
and energy, then I am sure I will comply.

Tim O'Connor

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