Re: Quesions about a depressed center flat car

Ian Cranstone

From: "Norm Dresner" <ndrez@...>
I have two questions:
1. What might have been the prototype for this model, if any?
TPRX was the reporting mark of the Texas Power & Light Co., which was listed
until the Jan. 1958 ORER (it reappeared in the 1980s). They listed one car
in the Oct. 1949 ORER, namely depressed centre flat car TPRX 1.

2. Where on a depressed-center flat car is the brake gear located?
Most of CN's older cars were constructed with components shoehorned under
the end platforms -- I'm sure the intent was to keep the top clear for
overlength loads. More recent cars have had to place some components on top
of the span bolsters, but the use of truck-mounted brake cylinders has
reduced the number to place. As others have already noted, it was extremely
common for these cars to have two completely separate brake systems, one at
each end.

Ian Cranstone
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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