Re: NYC 859430 Two Bay Open Hopper circa 1941



Thank you.

Mike Carson

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: >I read the car number as NYC 859430. To my eye, the
hopper in question
: >appears to be an USRA hopper rebuilt with panel sides,
similar to the
: >panel sides once offered (still?) by Gould/Tichy Train.
Although the
: >hopper appears to have the NYC system oval logo, the
angle is such I
: >can't read the car lot number.
: >
: >Can anyone offer any information about this car ? Am I
correct about
: >this car ?
: The number is probably 850430, which would make it a Lot
646H panel-
: side rebuild in 1936 of "early standard" hoppers built by
Standard Steel
: Car in 1917 as CCC&StL 72700-73699(359H) and NYC
: The rebuild included raising the sides to 10'8" so the
USRA car would
: work as a stand-in, although the panel shapes on the Tichy
car (and the
: forthcoming Accurail car) won't be exactly right.
: The true USRA rebuilds were numbered
850100-850167(640H,1936); 850180-
: 850189(674H,1940); 850210-850299(641H,1936);
: 851200-851299(655H,1937); and P&LE 37000-38418(651H,1937).
: David Thompson
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