Hopper interior colors (was Re: Harriman Codes -Some Other RR's Systems)

Jack Mullen

--- In STMFC@yahoogroups.com, "David Smith" <dsmith@...> wrote:

There are many other steam- and transition-era photos in this
collection, but browsing from the root directory (truncating the
URL) is
tedious and devoid of information about time and place. Does
know of an interface to make that easier - especially one that
include captions?

Dave Smith, really enjoying this trove of photos

and try searching for any railroad relevant term that occurs to you.
The search will return a list of captions.
There's no interface with pages of thumbnails, if that's what you
had in mind - but with over 160,000 photos, that might not be too
pracitcal either.

Jack Mullen

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