Re: Covered hopper bulk loads


I tend to think sand was more common earlier. I vaguely recall my dad
griping about road salt, in the early 60s. Older list members probably
know more about this than I do.

Salt will get a paved road clear, of course, by lowering the freezing
point of water and melting the snow off the road. If it's too cold out
that doesn't work, so in very cold parts of the country (e.g. Montana)
sand is common to this day. If sand is put on a road it's still snow-
covered but there's better traction. I suspect salt became more common
as more roads in rural areas were paved. If you salt a dirt road all
you accomplish is to start mud season early.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

--- In, timboconnor@... wrote:

Other than lower Michigan, the Kansas City area, and upstate
New York, what other areas of the country produce rock salt in
great quantities? And was rock salt as popular for road use in
the 1950's as it became in later years?

Tim O.

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