Re: Quesions about a depressed center flat car

Denis F. Blake <dblake3@...>

I am looking at a drawing for a Seaboard Air Line depressed center flat, car
# 7000-7004. These cars were rated at 125 tons. They feature the following
brake equipment.

Schedule double AB-1012;type "B" relay on
the A end of the car.

Fittings Extra heavy duty unions & couplings

Brake power 22% of gross rail load @50 #
cylinder pressure

I have to agree that the double set of brake is to handle the large capacity
of these cars. However, this is for a 125 ton car and not a 95 ton car.

Also, these cars only show 7 3/8" of clearance from the bottom of the side
sill to the top of the rail.

I can send anyone who want's a copy of this diagram one, all they have to do
is ask..

Denis F. Blake
Columbus, Ohio

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