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Hi Garth

There is a 3/4 photo of WM 30001 in RPC vol 4 pg 30.

The ends are an unusual style, certainly not dreadnought.
The lower part consisits of 4 "valleys", pressed below the plane of the end
of car and 3 "large hills" pressed above this plane , the upper part having
3 "valleys" and 2 "hills". Two "small hills" border the joint between the
upper and lower parts. This joint is riveted and is on the end plane of the

The car ends are freight car red, the roof also appears to be freight car

Close inspection of the edge of the roof confirms that this is Viking

Hope this helps, and good luck scratch building that end

Ian Clasper

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Dear friends,

In 1936 Greenville built a small lot of 40' auto cars for the Western
Maryland, 30001-30010. These cars
had 12' doors, a 10' 4" inside height, and Viking roofs. They were
frequently pictured in Greenville's
ads in the Cycs and other trade press, shown only in a side view.

Can anyone tell me what sort of end these cars had? My best guess is a
square-corner 5/4 Dreadnought with
a large flat panel at the top, but they could also used 5/5 ends with the
last wale scrunched close to
the eave, or even some other end design. Also, does anyone know if the
ends and/or roof were coated with
black car cement? Presumably the sides were freight car red.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

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