Re: Athearn 65'6" Mill Gon article in Feb RMJ


--- In, "Mike Brock" <brockm@...> wrote:
.... Unless I'm mistaking the lettering
style for the Southern and CB&Q [ the lettering appears to be post
1960 ],
it looks like the only accurate cars for our time period are those
of the
Mike: It's been noted on the MFCL (a.k.a. Post-Steam-Era FreightCars
List) that the angle of the side sills on the Athearn model isn't
quite structurally correct for the CB&Q prototype. It's noticeable if
you take a close look. This aside does not take away from your point
that Athearn's first run bypassed accurate early paint schemes.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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