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It looks like the Proto:88 wheelsets are best route to go.
Rich, if you use that terminology you're going to confuse the
Proto:87 modelers! The Reboxx and other .088 profile wheels are
not prototypical -- they are NMRA RP conforming wheelsets. A
Proto:87 wheelset will not run on NMRA standard trackwork.
There are HO wheelsets with prototypical width treads but with
NMRA flanges -- NWSL sells them and calls them Proto:HO. They
will run on good NMRA standard trackwork, most of the time.

Tim O'Connor
That's not quite right either. The proper name for the NMRA RP-25 wheel that is .088" wide is "Code 88", as defined in NMRA RP-25.

The NWSL PROTO:HO wheelsets are bastard mix of scale size wheels (the same wheel profile that they sell as P:87) mounted on the axle to the NMRA S-4.2 back-to-back dimension. The intention was to create a wheelset that would work through turnouts built to NMRA S-3 standards (properly gauged P:87 wheels come nowhere near the gaurdrails). The problem is that while the PROTO:HO wheels are properly guarded, the narrow tread drops into the frog and gets lost, never to return. Filling the frog doesn't help, as the P:87 flange depth is less than half the RP-25 standard, and so once modified, standard wheels can't use the track anymore. As a compromise design, it just doesn't work.

Dennis Storzek

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