Re: Boxcar anatomy question


Rich: Hmmm...maybe. I don't have access to that issue of PM, so I'll
try again: They are the pieces at the outermost point of the four
bottom corners of the car, on the cars that have them. They project
vertically downward from the corner posts, and like Tim suggests, they
look like they may be fabricated or possible cast pieces. Visually
they look like a continuation the side sills wrapping around the
corners, but they usually appear to project a little lower. On many
cars the grabiron-style steps on the end sills do attach to them.
From the side view, they are immediately toward the ends from the side
stirrup attachment points--i.e., side stirrups usually do not appear
to attach to them. They sometimes have poling pockets on the end
faces--and that indeed may be their functional origin, more
essentially than as step attachments. They seem to be common on
1930s-1940s-era steel boxcars and less common on later builds or
rebuilds. Some examples from HO models: they are part of the casting
on IMRC 12-panel boxcar shells and Red caboose AAR boxcar shells, but
not not IMRC or Kadee PS-1 boxcars.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

--- In, richtownsend@... wrote:

Hmm. The March/April 1990 Prototype Modeler had a diagram that
called out 223 different items on a 50-ton AAR standard 40-foot
boxcar. I'm not completely sure of what item I think you are
referring to, but it might be the sill step bracket, which is the
piece below the side ladder (and below the level of the side sill) to
which the sill step (sometimes called the stirrup step)is attached.
Is that the piece you are referring to?

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

"leakinmywaders" <leakinmywaders@...> wrote:

What's the proper term for the four skirting pieces that extend from
the corner posts downward to the sometimes just below the level of the
side sills on many steel boxcars? I've been calling them "corner post
skirts" because I've not seen them identified in any of the usual
sources, but it's been nagging me because I need to describe the part
in a modeling wrtite-up I'm working on. Also, can any one give me a
description of their function? Whatever it is, it must be optional,
because I find myself spending a considerable amount of modeling time
adding them to some PS-1 boxcars and taking them off some AAR-type
boxcars to match various prototypes.

Note, it seems this is one visible detail even Kadee overlooks on
certain of its PS-1 boxcar models.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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