Re: WFE/FGE Reefer Hatch Latches/Hatch props

Tim O'Connor

Andy, those PFE latches are a different style. The original request
was, I think, looking for the TICHY/SUNSHINE style latches which have
a series of holes in them, presumably for pinning the hatches open at
any desired angle. The later latches are a "ratchet" style with stops
for holding the hatches open.

I recommended the TICHY latches because they are rendered in 3D and
are nicely done. The SUNSHINE latches are not as detailed (only 2D)
although they are more durable. Some WESTERFIELD reefer kits also
have these latches in resin, but also are fragile like TICHY. They
are only detailed on one side because they are cast flat.

The TICHY latches are on a large sprue, and that I imagine is why Don
Tichy has never offered them in bulk at a discount, because he'd still
have to cast the whole sprue for a tiny number of parts.

Tim O'Connor

The parts sprue from Terry Wegmann's PFE Reefers is
also available (from me). In addition to the hatch
cover latches, Ajax power brake & wheel, brake
platform & support brackets, the casting for mounting
the power brake to dreadnaught ends (useful for box
cars as well),pair of 6 rung ladders, and running
board end brackets. Many useful parts. These sell for
$2.00 post paid.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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