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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Although in theory these wheels will "fall" into the larger frogs, as a very practical matter in real time they simply do not. Just about every one of our HO trucks (sprung or otherwise) has an inherent stiffness such that the truck simply sails through the frog balanced on just three wheels, the fourth kept aloft flat, just free-sailing through the air landing-to-landing.

My standard wheels are all .088" in a broad pig's breakfast of various trucks, and the bulk of my mainline turnouts are #10 or #12 (also of several different makes), and I never (that is, *never*) have experienced even the slightest problem with wheel droppage (I do not even hear anything more than a satisfying 'click' as each wheel hits each frog)

At this moment, and for the past week, I am running a test train of about 60 STEAM ERA car models of mixed ages and makes c. 1937 Varney paper to 2005 Westerfield resin around the layout. About 40 of cars have the narrow wheels. These are consistently the cars that track the best, and do not pick the frogs at the double-slips, nor the turnout points. That they incidentally also happen to roll the best is an 'extra'.

IMHO, the standard use of .088" wheels is one of the very best operational and cosmetic decisions I have ever made, and I have at least 100 freight cars now so converted.

It is time to put this criticism to rest.

BTW, at some point I will report on some aspects of my "long train" observations.


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, California

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