Re: Athearn 65'6" Mill Gon article in Feb RMJ


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.....I've noticed that the angle of the side sills also kills these
off as accurate models of the EL
cars they're purported to be correct for. Without looking again, I
believe the EL car has four
sloped panels, and the model has five . . .or vise versa, I forget.
But why should I remember
exactly why a model is inaccurate for what I want to model? It's
wrong, and that's that.
I just got hold of Richard Hendrickson's article in Feb 2006 RMJ, and
it looks like if you cleave to this standard, several other roads
would drop off the list of cars being represented. You got it right,
the model has sides slopes spanning five panels, and just going by the
photos in Richard's article, it looks like the following roads 65ft 6
in mill gons had slopes spanning four panels: Central of Georgia,
Erie-Lackwanna, Canadian National, Louisville & Nashville, Rock
Island, Frisco, Southern, Wabash, and Chesapeake and Ohio. That
leaves ATSF, SP, WP, CP, WM, SAL, and IT with 5-panel slopes as on
the model.

There are other variations among these gons, of course, but they are
more easily corrected and perhaps less visible: ends, brake
appliances, reinforcement of the top angles, ladders (v. grabs) and,
it appears, taper in the ribs. Speaking of ends, has anybody checked
to see if the P2K mill gon ends can be made to fit the new Athearn
car? That might help a bit...

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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