Byron Rose vents and manages to get most the details wrong (was Re: depressed center flat car)



I suggest you owe Norm Dresner and the list an
apology for your intemperate remarks.

Although Model Railroader has had articles advancing the
level of modelmaking, they have also been known to publish
plans with bogus railroad heralds on locomotives. The
article about the depressed center flatcar was published in
February 1955 issue. The original plans for the TPRX flat
car, drawn by J. Geissel, was published in the November 1952
issue on page 60. The plans in the 1955 scratchbuilding
article didn't include the entire plan from the 1952 issue,
nor did the article reference the earlier plan.

The November 1952 drawing is a single page plan, with what
appears to be builders photo of TPRX 1. The paragraph
accompanying the drawing discusses why the depressed center
car flat car was developed and possible methods & materials
for building a model.

Did the 1955 article authors go out and measure the car
being modeled ?? I think not !!

Was (and is) the Model Railroader the gold standard for a
modeling magazine ?? I think not !!

Again, I suggest you owe Norm Dresner and the list an


Mike Carson

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: Dear Byron
: Hear, hear! Having gotten my start in the 1950's as a
callow high school
: student mostly ignored by the crowd (including the clerks)
at Howard Ruth's
: in Buffalo when I went to spend my pitiful allowance, I
still consider it
: the golden age of model railroading. I remember the
article(s) on depressed
: center flats very well; there were two, one with
: ocnstruction, the other using heat-formed plastic as the
main component. It
: was an experiment at the time; I believe Gordie Odegard
did one and Irv
: Weiner did the other.
: Jace Kahn
: >
: >Norm (and some of you clods who haven't a clue as to how
we got where we
: >are),
: >
: >That book, and the articles written in that series in MR
during the 50s
: >and 60s on which it was based, are as responsible as any
other single
: >factor for the beautiful and accurate freight car models
we enjoy today.
: >The models were usually very accurate, more so than most
: >kits, and introduced modelers to car types other than the
generic and
: >fanciful box cars and reefers represented by Athearn and
Varney kits.
: >>BSR
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