Re: Southern Car & Foundry Tank Cars

Rob Adams

Don't forget the Steam Freight Cars web site. Links to many of the manufacturer's sites may be found there as well...including SC&F. Go to Modeling, then Click the "By Manufacturer" link.

Regards, Rob

Gene Green wrote:

I, too, saw that notice, and since I have a personal interest in at
least one of those cars, I e-mailed Job Cagle of SC&F to ask him.
is his reply:

"No, the tank cars are not ready. And I do not know why that was
printed. I did send an email to Bill S. @ RMC telling him that are
web site is up and that we had two new On3 projects that are
but nothing on the HO tank cars. "

Regards, Spen Kellogg
How do we access the SC&F website? A search for Southern Car & Foundry
or SC&F didn't get me anywhere.
Gene Green

Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling CB&Q, CRI&P and Wabash operations in Keokuk, IA,
the Wabash Bluffs, IL to Keokuk branch, and the CB&Q's Keokuk & Western branch, circa 1938

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