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RichBeau <RichBeau@...>

Bruce Smith wrote:

You'll know you've truly become a freight car
fanatic when someone shows you a great photo
of a locomotive, and you start looking at the
cars in the yard behind it <VBG>!!
This is exactly where I'm at! I must be in trouble. My other told me
not to hang 'round with the wrong crowd. <LOL>

I have the Robert Willoughby Jones Boston & Maine book. I keep trying
to see the logo and serial number (?) of the cars tagging along
behind. I figured that was the best place to start - model those
specific cars that I had photo graphic proof that they were here.

Thanks Richard for the critque of the Classic Freight Cars books and
mentioning that they are a bit suspect (Garth Groff also wrote of
these problems in a private email). Your list is most helpful and
gives me some good directions to look.

Bruce & Tim the overviews are great stuff! Thank you. I have been
looking at the various documents in the files area so with your most
recent 20,000-foot view and Tim Gilbert's comments (plus Tim's very
good synopsis in the files area) I at least have a much better grasp
of reality (As if I ever had one, as the opening of this psoting
atests <g>).

I've been reading Ted Culotta's Essential Freight Car series in RMC.
In fact I made a spreadsheet cross-referencing many of the currently
available F&C, Westerfield and Sunshine kits (at least ones I could
identify postively). So it's nice to have Ted add a couple of cents
worth. Thanks for the pointers Ted (great series in RMC BTW) I'll
hunt up copies of those. Expect an order from me soon for at minimum
a copy of Prototype Railroad Modeling.

Thanks again
--Rich Beaubien

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