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This is exactly where I'm at! I must be in trouble. My other told me
not to hang 'round with the wrong crowd. <LOL>
Welcome to the nut house . . . most of us on this list have been trading e-mails, good -
natured ribbing (which some misinterpret as insults) -- and best of all information -- for
going on a decade + now . . .

Wow, Richard and Tony are getting old . . .

Oh, and there's always room for one more nut . . .

I have the Robert Willoughby Jones Boston & Maine book.
Which one? There are two B&M Books, as well as a book on Vermont railroads called
"Green Mountain Rails" -- all are well worth the price.

I keep trying
to see the logo and serial number (?) of the cars tagging along
behind. I figured that was the best place to start - model those
specific cars that I had photo graphic proof that they were here.
I tried that with Central Vermont trains, and got a lot of potential projects -- including the
long elusive B&A State of Maine car . . . from photo studies. The problem with the photo
analysis of course, is that you're usually looking at the cars behind the engine or in front
of the van. Since trains were blocked you'll start to notice a remarkable similarity among
the cars in the same train on different days or seasons. It doesn't make it a BAD idea to
study the pics, just something you need to keep in mind.

I concluded my "picture" study of CV trains years ago -- in the interim I latched onto a
large number of CV Form 852's (essentially conductor's wheel reports) that included
reporting marks and car numbers -- all for a one week period in late 1953. Those have
given me enough projects to last three lifetimes.

Thanks Richard for the critque of the Classic Freight Cars books and
mentioning that they are a bit suspect (Garth Groff also wrote of
these problems in a private email). Your list is most helpful and
gives me some good directions to look.
Richard's list is excellent, and are really an "essential" library for the freight car modeler/
historian. I'll add the Morning Sun color books are worth consideration. You'll want to
certainly add "Color Guide to Northern New England Freight and Passenger Equipment" by
Dave Sweetland to your bookshelf. It covers B&M, CV, B&A, Rutland, CP(IofM), and MEC
equipment -- most of which is from the steam era (A LOT of the Morning Sun rolling stock
guides show steam era cars in later schemes -- Dave Sweetland was one of those who
took color photos of cars in the 1950s . . .)

Another excellent book for pictures of steam era cars in their natural habitat is Central
Vermont Railway in Color (I know some dedicated Western road modelers added this one
to their library based on the freight car pics alone. It shows lots of pictures of steam
engines -- with a bunch of the cars behind them quite visible.

There are several B&M "Trackside" Books which are good -- but I've stopped buying them
because they all seemed to develop a "sameness" -- a bunch of pictures of North Station.
And I simply don't need to spend the money or shelf space on that. As a B&M fan, YMMMV,

And, although not the subject of this list -- when you've had your fill of freight cars be
sure to get a copy of "Passenger Trains of Northern New England."

Bruce & Tim the overviews are great stuff! Thank you. I have been
looking at the various documents in the files area so with your most
recent 20,000-foot view and Tim Gilbert's comments (plus Tim's very
good synopsis in the files area) I at least have a much better grasp
of reality (As if I ever had one, as the opening of this psoting
atests <g>).
If you want something -- anything -- reduced to numbers and analyzed, Tim's your man.
<g> -- Seriously, he's been a big help to me, and many others, over the years. As a B&M
fan, you're doubly lucky since Tim is rumored to have a "minor" interest in the Minuteman
Route as well . . .
Hope this lengthy post is helpful in some small way, and again, welcome -- there's always
room for one more nut . . .

Marty McGuirk

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