Re: Linde Box Car

Ed Hawkins

On Wednesday, March 22, 2006, at 03:07 PM, John Teeple wrote:

I am in the process of adding details to a Branchline Linde box car. I
have carved the ends to accept the access door which is fairly obvious
in the pictures I have. What is not so obvious is the arrangement of
the roof hatches and the running boards. Did the running board cover
the hatches? Were the running boards hinged in some way to allow access
to the hatches? Did the hatches open while leaving the running boards
in place? The artical in RMJ from 1993 (I think) does not address the
access to the roof hatches during the running board era. I hope someone
in this group has some informtion about this particular car.
The roof hatches were under the running boards. To open each hatch, the
running board section directly over the hatch required removal. There
were no hinges. Drawings of cars built by AC&F are available at the
Museum of Transportation.
Ed Hawkins

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