Old Tank Cars Never Die - ACFX 13525

George Gounley <gounleys@...>

Shawn Bekert asked, " Related STMFC question: Would the 40-year rule apply from the
original built-date of a tank car if it had been rebuilt, or would the rule get waived?"

The age of the tank is irrelevant in applying age-of-car rules, so rebuilt status can be achieved without working on the tank at all. In fact, a 40 or 50 year old tank can be placed on a brand new through sill underframe and the car, so far as the interchange rules are concerned, is brand new. Some alloy tanks are extremely expensive and not cost effective to scrap, provided the tank can keep passing the tests and the quantity of product the tank can hold is still efficient to ship.

Add the following to stock car loads that have been sighted: barrel staves, riprap.

George Gounley

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