Re: % private owner tank cars

Tim O'Connor

From: Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Among the 111,183 privately owned tank cars, GATC owned 48,134 (30.5% of
the 158 thousand total) under its GATX, TCX and other reporting marks;
UTLX was second with 42,121 (26.6%) - these two firms owned 57.1% of all
tank cars in the US.

Or a more concise way of saying to modelers is: Unless you model the
N&W or one of the other coal-intensive roads, about 5% (1 in 20) of all
the cars on your layout should be either GATC or UTLX tank cars.

Now here's a fun newbie test: List all of the accurate models of GATC
or UTLX tank cars in HO scale (not brass imports or resin kits) for steam
era modelers.

(...... Jeopardy music playing .....)

Time's up! You guessed: none? THAT'S RIGHT! What do we have for
our modeling contestant tonight? Wow! An annual trip to Naperville
(no expenses paid) and you get to scratchbuild your entire roster of
General American tank cars! (You can buy some UT kits in resin.)

You do get the satisfaction of being a steam era modeler. For people
who model the 1980's to the present, the percentage of scratchbuilt
tank cars goes from 5% to about 20% of the entire roster.

Tim O'Connor

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