Intermountain gondola grabs and weathering

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

I have an Intermountain Hocking Valley gondola that I assembled a few
years ago, but had some trouble with the grabs on the side that
attached to the wood side as well as the plastic. How does one attach
a plastic grab to wood? I think I tried ACC, and it didn't work real
well. I intend to revisit the issue, and hope that someone may have
some input. (Yes, I know the HV was gone before the timeframe of SOME
people on this group, but I model the 30's in Ohio, and an HV gon could
still be around.)
I figure these cars would get somewhat beat up, but I haven't weathered
the car yet. I guess an alcohol/ink or alcohol/shoe polish would work
better than any water-based weathering. Correct? The wood is thinner
than resin, or even most plastic. I might finally be able to have a
properly beat-up gon. I'm surprised that no one has made a beat-up
steel gon in resin, or plastic, or brass. Nothing too obvious, just a
general bending out of the sides, with general denting. Probably
impossible with a one-piece body, but maybe do-able with a flat kit.
My luck, it would probably be a 50's prototype!

Dean Payne

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