Re: Becareful what you say!

John Degnan <seaboardrrman@...>

You're not alone... I had someone do the same to me recently... I think it was on this group... or maybe it was the RPM group. But either way, I put a halt to his pathetic vernacular by promising to bust him in the mouth if he ever had the misfortune of meeting me. And as you can probably tell from the recent photo of me attached to this e-mail... I'm more than man enough to shut the fool up.

If you make it to the Prototype Modeler's meet here in Port Wentworth on the last Saturday of this month and April first, look for me. And if you make it to the Jacksonville show this weekend, I'll be there too... so look for me.

Big Bad John

bobbypitts44 <bobbypitts44@...> wrote:
I had a member of this group cuss me, and tell me I needed to seek help
for mental problems. I don't think he'd dare do that to the top members
of this group, but you never know! Bobby Pitts

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