Re: Linde Box Car

Ed Hawkins

On Wednesday, March 22, 2006, at 08:44 PM, John Teeple wrote:

Ed,  Thanks for the reply. I should have known somebody in this group
would have an answere. This little "mystery" has been bothering me for
some time about these cars. Every picture I have seen, so far, only
gives you the usual 3/4 view or straight on but always from the ground
level. I have never seen any pictures of the roof.
I've always been intrigued by these cars and have never totally
understood why the hatches were in the roof. I can only surmise (purely
a guess) that the hatches were used for periodic inspection along the
top of the tank located inside the car. Perhaps there were some
pressure relief valves that required testing. Does anyone know?

In any event, the running board didn't have any type of
quick-disconnect fasteners. Opening the hatch appears to have been a
rather laborious task, preceded by having to remove a short section of
the running boards. By the way the AC&F general arrangement drawings of
the Linde cars show only the car structure and do not show the tank, or
any of it's details, inside the car. Pat Wider and I have spent some
time researching these cars, which also include a number of earlier
cars built by Pressed Steel and General American, for an article
planned in a future RP CYC authored by Pat.
Ed Hawkins

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