Re: Enough about the New Kadee car

Tim O'Connor

Tom is right. And also, how did Dave get that umlaut into his
email? These are burning questions!

Tim O'Connor

Dave Smith wrote:

C'mon folks. It's Schrödinger's freight car. When Kadee finally
opens the box, either it will be that car you have always wanted,
or it won't.
Well, yes, but "Is she pregnant?" and "Will the biopsy reveal a
malignancy?" are also situations where knowing vs. not knowing will
not change reality. But you should neither deny nor dismiss the very
real emotions that come into play when you're between not knowing and
knowing. In the Kadee case, it's anticipation - and, since some list
members clearly know the answer, the desire to shake a clue loose.
Kadee has a presence on this list, and all the "I hope it's a..."
speculation may well plant seeds for future projects. After all, here
is where the freight car expertise is!

Tom Madden

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