Re: STMFC Apologies etc.


Mike Brock,

As the list owner, you get to frame the
standards for the STMFC list. Set the standards where ever
you feel comfortable. I obviously have different standards
governing civil discourse. Since we disagree, I have an
alternate way of addressing the problem I perceive with a
member of the STMFC list. I intend to address the issue by
using the capabilities of the browser software.

Thank you,

Mike Carson

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Sent: Tuesday, 22 January, 2002 22:27
Subject: [STMFC] STMFC Apologies etc.

: Mike Carson says:
: > Byron,
: >
: > I suggest you owe Norm Dresner and the list
: > apology for your intemperate remarks.
: Now let's see. Where'd I put my STMFC Owner hat? I know
it's around here
: somewhere....ah ha! Hmmm. Still fits. OK.....
: A primary rule of the STMFC is that we have only one cop.
Yep. Me. To remind
: everyone, you may express your view about a product...even
: from criticism from another member. Another member can
also express his/her
: view on the same subject...again free from criticism from
another member.
: The views will stand or fail on their own merit.
: Now, as far as apologies etc., from Byron Rose, I've taken
a look at the
: messages and I see nothing worthy of attention. The
reference to clods:
: Norm (and some of you clods who haven't a clue as to how
we got where we
: are),
: is not significant and doesn't even include Norm.
: For sure, Byron confused a message of mine with another.
He no doubt
: realizes that now. It is time to move on. Messages about
apologies from
: anyone need to be taken off line, however. If messages in
violation of STMFC
: rules occur I'll take care of any needed policing.
: Mike Brock
: STMFC Owner
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