Re: NP flat kit


Anybody have a a brake wheel recommendation for Northern Specific's
resin NP flat car? The kit instructions are silent on this subject.
Looks like Aaron maybe used the straight-spoked wheel from the Tichy
kit, but it is flat in cross section, and the prototype wheels, as
best as I can tell, appear to have had spokes descending 2 or 3 inches
concentrically toward the hub.

Also, has anyone checked the deck height on a completed model against
prototype dimensions? I'm wondering if they ride a little high on the
bolsters--if so that could possibly be cured with some simple
modifications. The ORER-listed height to top of sides or platform for
the relevant NP car series is 3ft 11in from rail.

Thanks for getting the decals online, Ted. Best,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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