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Thanks, Tom
I had hopes of pairing a KTM triple offset with the set of Champ
MKT decals
I had on hand, but I guess it is not to be... I can live better
than some
members of the list with minor discrepancies, but not putting
lettering on a
car that never existed.
Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

The Katy had three different groups of triple hoppers. All
the cars had
vertical exterior posts. None were AAR triple offsets. Underneath
builders photos on the Fallen Flag website there are two builders
shots of
the 40101-40300 cars built in 1948. The 35001-35500 cars were
built in 1949
at Mt. Vernon and the 35501-36000 cars came from Mt. Vernon in
1953. The
ACF cars are the only cars with peaked ends. They were used
primarily for
coal service for the mines in Oklahoma.
Tom Palmer

Jace - M-K-T #40101-40300 can be modeled almost exactly by putting
them on the USH (KTM) #704 triple hopper. The C&O and M-K-T were
the only roads using this prototype in the pre-1960 time period.
That is probably what those Champ decals were made for. A.T. Kott

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