48 Foot Gon

Rod Miller

Max Gray and U.S. Hobbies made in O scale a #401 "48 foot mill gondola
w. drop ends".

I have one and need to identify an owner for purposes of lettering it.

The model has a simulated NSF nailable steel floor (according to the
MG/USH Spotter's Guide), reverse dreadnaught ends, and has the hand
brake wheel mounted on a steel plate that is parallel to the side. The
latter disqualifies it from being an SP car (my first choice) unless
some of the G50-14s had this end retrofitted to them.

The inside height (floor to top of side) is three feet three inches.
The height of the side sheet is four feet. The end sills are angled out
to the coupler pocket. The sides comprise 13 panels (12 vertical
braces). The sides are straight (no fishbelly).

The spotter's guide shows the model lettered for Wabash 18500.

I spent some time at the RPI web site


(lots of info there) and didn't see any Wabash gons, and none like the
model. It seems that the shorter sides along with the angled end sill
make the model an unusual car AFIK.

Can anyone shed some light on this car WRT railroad owners?



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