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Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

Yeah, that's my work alright.

The data here that I think is an eye opener is the sum of cells J12 and J21
(totals about 25%), which is the percentage of ALL away from home boxcars
that are marked either NYC or PRR. To back up that claim, I just ran some
queries against the SRR conductors Train books I recorded -- mainline
running east out of Asheville, NC.: I have 1117 non-home road boxcars listed
with 212 of them having PRR or NYC marks -- about 20% of the foreign road

As for your RA data Jeff, I'm not quite sure of the point your trying to
make, but if it's in context of the spreadsheet, the RA data confirms what
is the spreadsheet after one facters in open top cars.

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I just uploaded "Home vs Foreign.xls", which is an Excel spreadsheet that
I received (IIRC) from Dave Nelson.

It's in the files area at

BTW, the data I have from Railway Age circa 1950 shows ~40% of the cars on
UP property were UP.



On Jan 31, 12:10am, Mike Brock wrote:
Subject: [STMFC] Ratios of Home Vs Foreign
Regarding per centages of home cars on home rails, I believe that Dave
Nelson provided us with some '44 [?] data about this some time ago. I
know I
have it somewhere. Anyhow, I believe that for UP, for example, only
30% of the frt cars on UP property at one time were UP cars...about like
Richard reports for ATSF. I believe that the major coal roads like N&W
C&O were in the 60% range.

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