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Walthers' book on the rail/auto industry [I forget the title] has a good
side view photo of the Evans rack. Unlike Athearn's, the center supports are

Doug Brown

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Phil, there is a 1954 photo of two of the double-deck auto carriers
in the Iconografix book "New Car Carriers", but it is an overhead shot
and no lettering is visible. I do vaguely recall seeing a good photo
of the cars somewhere, and noted that the Athearn model was pretty
wide of the mark.

Tim O.

Since this subject came up, I've been looking for my picture
of the Evans Auto-Loader on the N.Y.C. flat car, with out success.
I do have the Athearn model, The model flat car number is N.Y.C.
499300. When I bought this at a train show I didn't think that it
was a prototype at that time but a cute car. Untill a picture of it
in a train magazine appeared, that picture is some where in my file
cabinet. In my search I found a picture of this same car in Union
Pacific lettering. This picture is in RAILMODEL JOURNAL JUNE 1999 on
page 23.

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