Re: New Kadee car

Tim O'Connor


I find this unlikely -- there were slight variations, doors and roofs and
ends, from road to road. Recall that Kadee has resisted doing cars when the
TACK BOARDS on the doors were in the wrong place, or when the ends had a
small number of visible rivets compared to cars with no rivets. With the
PS-1 it was economical to produce 8 physically different 40 foot bodies
(not counting door variations!) because of the huge number of owners (more
than 75,000 cars).

Not that I have any idea what it is, but I'd be dumfounded (but HAPPY) if
Kadee produced a 1932 ARA box.

More likely would be a USRA box car! But I hope not.

Tim O.

I just dawned on me while reading Ted Culotta's 1932 ARA box car book last night. There is
enough prototype information there for Kadee to do what Kadee does. Multiple roads, too.

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