tank cars models with questionable prototype


10 years or so ago I had a string of "realistic" looking tank cars (so
I thought) on the shelf.

I dressed up (wire grab irons ......), painted and decaled cars from
Mantua (cast metal undersection), former Lindburgh (redone by Mantua,
least diameter of all tank car models), Walthers, Varney, Tichy, P2K,
Red Caboose & Intermountain. Athearn cars didn't seem to match - they
were longer than the others and the domes too shallow. The Mantua cars
seemed best proportioned to me.

The 8 different cars are different enough that the string looked
pretty realistic to me when I first built it - each car a little
different from the next. I have subsequently learned from this list
that the first 4 are of bogus prototypes.

Can any of these first 4 cars be built into something that is
prototyically correct?


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