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For B&O, I would suggest a modernized M-53 wagontop with a Youngstown
door, there are several resin kits. Also a Red Caboose M-26 (Pennsy X-
29). The M-26B variation is a PRR clone right down to the rivets,
start with a Pennsy decorated car.

Two B&O cars to avoid:

The M-15K wagontops were rebuilt enmasse during 1954-55 and
disappeared. Currently, the manufacturers offer the M-15K but none of
the post-1955 rebuilds.

Red Caboose recently offered cars decorated for class M-26E in the
billboard "B&O" scheme. Paint looks good, but the real M-26E's had
Duryea underframes, a substantial appearance flaw for that model. Red
Caboose is not tooled for any Duryea underframes.

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I want to add some box cars to my roster for my future A&D layout.
What would be some of the most common type box cars in interchange
service from the B&O and PRR for the mid to late 50's? Also could you
reconmend HO scale models for them as well.
Thanks in advance for any help,
Fred Mullins

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