Seeking excepts from obscure equipment diagram books

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B&O frequently made up for its available car shortfalls by buying,
begging, borrowing, commandeering and leasing cars from other

By 1960, a financially troubled B&O had accumulated a whopping 42%
bad order freight car ratio.

Part of digging themselves out of this hole, with substantial C&O
help, B&O availed themselves of a variety of secondhand hoppers and
boxcars (all built between 1932 and 1952, complying with this list's
ground rules) by various arrangements involving sales, leases, and

So, over the years, B&O had secondhand cars from .....


Ann Arbor (1956 built PS-1's, 6 and 8 foot doors)
Chesapeake and Ohio
Pennsylvania (X-43's)
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie
Rock Island
Reading (class HMa)


Lake Terminal
Maine Central (the B&O car at North Conway was one of these)
Chesapeake and Ohio
Norfolk and Western (H-3, leased 1944-48)
Virginian (via N&W, classed H-28 and possibly H-35)
Central of New Jersey
Lehigh and New England (ACF 1952 built twins)
Bessemer and Lake Erie
Boston and Maine (offst quads)
Lehigh Valley (Penn-Line quads with wood chip extensions)


Boston and Maine

I was wondering if folks on the list had any equipment diagram books
for these home railroads. For my research, I would eventually like a
copy of each diagram for car classes that eventually sent members to

I have N&W and C&O covered. I would expect to cover costs or return
the favor. Please contact me off list

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