Re: Wiki's ( was Accuracy of paint schemes...)

Don Burn <burn@...>

A few weeks ago I had the thought that it might be possible to set up a
freight car Wiki to capture in a more organized form some of the knowledge
that frequents this list. And then (of course) the realization that I don't
know beans about getting a Wiki going let the air out of that balloon rather

But with Jarad's comment here on paint I figure, heck, why not express the
thought and maybe somebody who knows more about Wiki's can comment on the
feasibility / utility of the idea.
The problem with Wiki's is that the capture everything, so the folks who say "wasn't there a Penn Central steam locomotive I know I saw the model" get as much play as somebody like Ted Culotta/ Perhaps the knowledgable folks can tackle a website, or go after some of the existing historical society websites to provide a place on what is good and bad about kits and rtr labeled for a given road?

Don Burn

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